Our orthodontist will use top-notch materials and machines to ensure more comfortable, efficient and timely care. One of the ways Dr. David Jolley does this is through the wires he uses and the machines used to create them.

The use of wire alloys is essential in orthodontic treatment, as they provide the necessary force to move the teeth into their desired position. The most common wire alloys used in orthodontics are nickel-titanium and stainless steel, which have different properties such as flexibility, shape-memory and corrosion resistance.

In recent years, laser welding has become an increasingly popular method for joining orthodontic wires. Laser welding offers several advantages over traditional soldering, such as reduced heat input, precise control over the welding spot size and the ability to weld dissimilar metals. Laser welders also have the advantage of being able to weld wires of smaller diameters, which is important in orthodontics, where thin wires are often used. Additionally, laser welding produces clean and smooth welds that are free from oxidation and discoloration, making them less likely to cause irritation or corrosion in the patient’s mouth. Overall, the use of wire alloys and laser welders is crucial in achieving successful orthodontic treatment outcomes.

Our orthodontist can discuss the process further with you during your consultation, especially if you are receiving traditional wired braces. Schedule your visit to our orthodontic practices in Portland, El Paso or Corpus Christi, Texas, by giving Jolleytime Orthodontics a call!

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