Dr. David Jolley incorporates specialized KLOwen software into our care, which increases orthodontic efficiency while shortening treatment time through custom-shaped brackets and clear aligners. It has revolutionized orthodontic treatment planning by digitally creating treatment plans for each patient that are more accurate and efficient.

The software allows our orthodontist to take digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and create 3D models of their dentition. This provides a comprehensive view of the patient’s oral anatomy, enabling Dr. Jolley to plan and visualize treatment options. Most importantly, it customizes each individual bracket and/or aligner to fit the shape of the tooth, reducing office visits where you receive regular adjustments. The software also helps to predict and simulate the movement of teeth, enabling our orthodontist to accurately plan the necessary tooth movements.

KLOwen digital orthodontic software is particularly useful for planning and executing complex orthodontic treatments, such as those involving craniofacial anomalies or orthognathic surgery. The software can help to reduce the time and cost of treatment by minimizing the need for adjustments and reducing treatment times. In addition, it provides patients with a clear understanding of their treatment plan, which can improve compliance and overall satisfaction.

Overall, KLOwen digital orthodontic software in Portland, El Paso and Corpus Christi, Texas, represents a significant advance in treatment planning, enabling our orthodontist to provide more accurate, efficient and personalized care to our patients. Schedule your consultation today at Jolleytime Orthodontics by giving us a call!

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