At Jolleytime Orthodontics, we offer points for good behavior that can get you many prizes. The bigger the points, the better the prizes! You will get a Jolley Points card showing the number of points you have earned, which you can take to the front desk to exchange for your coins. You can spend or save them as much as you like. You might want to call us to see if there are specific prizes available.


  1. You receive points during your regular visits, not emergency visits or walk-ins.
  2. You can pick a prize from our prize wall, which may change from time to time.
  3. Your Jolley Points are like money: they are your responsibility and are gone when you lose them.
  4. Your dental assistant will judge how good you have taken care of your teeth.
  5. You need to bring a signed slip from your regular dentist that shows that you went to your normal checkup.

1 Token

  • Check in on Facebook.
  • Wear your Jolleytime T-shirt in public.
  • Participate in an office contest.

3 Tokens

  • Like us on Facebook.
  • See your dentist for your regular checkup.
  • Good brushing and flossing.
  • Wear your Jolleytime T-shirt to your appointment.
  • Be on time for your appointment.
  • A’s and B’s on your report card.

5 Tokens

  • Straight A’s on your report card.
  • Write a five-star review on Google.
  • Tag the Jolleytime Hummer while out of the office.
  • Take a birthday picture at our office and tag us on Facebook.

10 Tokens

  • Post a selfie at your appointment and tag us on Facebook.
  • Post a selfie of you wearing your Jolleytime T-shirt in public.
  • Help us celebrate a personal achievement.
  • Bring us a treat.

15 Tokens

  • Refer a family member or friend who comes in for an initial consultation.

30 Tokens

  • Refer a friend or family member who starts treatment with us.

Call us if you have any questions about our orthodontic services in Portland, El Paso and Corpus Christi, Texas, or would like to schedule your initial exam with our orthodontist, Dr. David Jolley. Start earning your Jolley Points today!

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