Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from the team here at Jolleytime Orthodontics loves the Holiday season and everything it encompasses. Time with family and friends, the giving of happiness and joy towards one another, but probably most importantly, the desserts- cookies, candies, and chocolates galore! Sadly, not all desserts can be enjoyed by those with braces as there is a potential they will cause the brackets to snap and will impede the progress of your teeth alignment moving forward. That being said, there are still many different dessert options you can choose from that won’t harm your braces. So here is a list of some holiday treats that you should snack on and stay away from.


What are winter desserts if they don’t include a little fudge to judge? The tasting of fudge is a time-honored tradition, and you can rest easy knowing that consuming it will not impede your orthodontic treatment. This dessert is super delicious and super soft (when baked correctly), so your braces will be well protected from snapping or popping off when eating this treat. The only stipulation to this statement is that your fudge should not include nuts if you want to keep your braces safe and sound.


An excellent addition to any Christmas cookie collection, sugar cookies are just as much fun to make as they are to eat. These soft cookies are always a staple at any orthodontic patient’s house due to their sweet taste and protective nature. Among all the Christmas cookies available, sugar cookies are among the softest. Kids also love this type of cookie since they can load them up with gobs upon gobs of icing when “decorating” them. With no crunchy nuts, sticky marshmallows, or hard exteriors, sugar cookies can be the perfect solution for your family’s holiday dessert consumption.


Even though there are many more desserts we could include that are safe for your braces, we also wanted to inform you of a few snacks people with braces should avoid. These include:

  • Peanut brittle
  • Taffies
  • Candies with lots of nuts or nougats
  • Candy canes
  • Hard or crunchy cookies

All the sweets on this list are nominated due to the likelihood that they will damage your braces; they are either too hard to too sticky. These treats will push and pull at the brackets of your braces and will eventually cause them to pop off. This will then hinder your treatment process and could cause your braces to stay on longer. Therefore, the basic rule of thumb is hard, sticky, and nutty desserts are off limits.

If you have a special recipe to share, comment below our blog post on Facebook.


In the event you have a dessert that you think may be harmful to your child’s braces, feel free to give us a call as we are happy to answer any and all orthodontic inquiries you may have. In the event that one of your brackets has already come off due to a holiday eating incident, please do schedule an appointment. It is best to get your braces taken care of as quickly as possible so as to not disrupt your orthodontic treatment progress. We hope you all have a fun and safe holiday season, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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