Jolleytime Coins

Earn points in many ways and save them to redeem them for fun prizes. See More!


How to earn tokens during regularly scheduled visits:

At the end of each regularly scheduled appointment take your Jolley Points card showing the total number of Jolley Points earned to the front desk to pick up your coins.

1 Jolley Point Each

  • Good Hygiene, Awesome brushing and flossing for brace patients
  • Good cooperation: This includes expander activation, headgear, bite plates, elastics, no loose or broken appliances, etc. You MUST wear these for the required hours and show bite improvement. Headgear and expander wearers must bring their completed wear card, and all removable appliances MUST be brought to your appointments to qualify
  • Wear orthodontic T-shirt to appointment & Being on time, within five minutes of the office clock.

Other fun ways to earn Extra tokens:

· Refer a friend or family member who begins treatment = 30 tokens

· Never broke a bracket (awarded at the end of treatment)= 10 tokens

· Take a treat to your dentist, take a group picture wearing your Jolleytime t-shirt, post it on your Facebook page and tag Jolleytime Orthodontics= 10 tokens

· Coordinate a school dental presentation = 10 tokens

· Write a meaningful 5-star google review = 5 tokens

· Write a meaningful 5-star yelp review = 5 tokens

· Help us celebrate your personal achievement: bring videos, pictures and narrative, so we can post your story on our Facebook page= 5 tokens

· Like us on Facebook = 3 tokens

· Seeing your Dentist for an exam/cleaning (Dental Reward Certificate) = 3 tokens

· For every “A” on your report card = 1 token

· Check in on Facebook, post a “selfie”, and show front desk staff = 1 token

· Refer a friend or family member who completes an initial exam = 1 token

· Getting caught wearing your Orthodontic T-shirt in public = 1 token

· Participating in an office contest = 1 token


How to Redeem Your Jolley Coins

You may cash in at any time or save as many as you like; there is no expiration date. When you are ready to cash in your coins, just bring them to the front desk for your prizes! Sometimes we recommend that you call first so we can make sure we have your chosen prizes available.



  1. Jolley Points are awarded at your regular appointments. Walk-ins or emergencies do not apply.
  2. A prize cabinet will be filled with current prizes available. They may change from time to time. Not all prizes will always be available.
  3. Your Jolley Points are your responsibility. It is just like real money; if it is lost it is gone.
  4. Your assistant will be the judge of good oral hygiene.
  5. You must bring a signed form from your regular dentist showing that you kept your 6 month check up.